Spitzkoppe: the Matterhorn of Namibia

Spitzkoppe, German for pointed dome, is the tallest rock in a group of granite peaks in the Namib desert. The granite is over 120 million years old and sits pretty at 5,850 feet. Such a shame I didn’t have Charlie to lead the route and my climbing shoes handy.

A couple years ago I went to a film festival and saw a short film about a group of German mountain bikers who took on this peak. It was a little surreal being around the rocks that were depicted in that small theater in Golden.

Enroute, Imani showed off one of her special tricks. She sometimes likes to pretend she’s a convertible with two sets of roof seats. With wind whipping our hair and sun kissing our faces, I had the most amazing introduction to Spitzkoppe!

After a long drive day, Sophie and I had two hours free before sunset. Guess what we did. Yup, we decided to go for a long run. It was a special hour for me with a definite runner’s high mixed with awe at the opportunities life has given me.


We got back in time to clamber up some very steep rocks to watch the sunset. This peaceful time was appreciated by all.


We ended the night with another set of riddles from Kirsten. Just because I didn’t want to forget it, I’ll repeat it!

A man walks into a restaurant. He orders Albatross soup, takes one spoonful, and leaves the restaurant without paying. He gets in his car and drives off a cliff and dies. What happened?

That one kept us preoccupied for a while. I’m proud to say we figured it out that very night around the campfire!

The next day was a long drive to Swakopmund, a cute little German town next to the Atlantic and the Namib Desert. On our way, we stopped at the Cape Cross Seal Colony.

Some might say seals are adorable. I would have to disagree. Except for maybe the one I caught sleeping. He was cute.

They stink. They are aggressive. They stink. The noise they make sounds like some mix of cow, goat, and sheep. They stink. I walked around, avoided getting bitten, and took some photos? That was about it.

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